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Bonus Poker Deluxe | 3 Hands | RTG

Goal: get a winning poker hand according to the standard poker rules and as listed in the game pay table. Special payouts offered for Royal Flush, Straight Flush and four-of-a- kind. When playing one hand, you can double your win in a Double or Nothing Bonus Round; here you can select a card that is higher than the dealer’s card to win.

Cards ranked from highest to lowest: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.


Bonus Poker Deluxe 3 Hands

Bonus Poker Deluxe is a game of draw poker. The player receives five cards from the dealer; the player then chooses which of the cards to keep or ?hold?. Then discards the remaining cards for new ones by pressing deal. The final hand is determined a winning hand if the player has a pair of Jacks or better. There is also a special payout for having 4 of a kind.

Playing more coins increases the payouts on winning hands.

There is a special payline in the paytable for 4 of a kind.

Please see the pay table on this machine for additional information.


Deal – Initial request of cards.

Draw – Request for new cards once player has selected which cards to keep. Also used in the Double or Nothing bonus feature.

Double or Nothing – Bonus round that gives the player a chance to double the winnings.

To Play

  • Select how many coins you want to play. Increasing the number of coins increases the payouts.
  • Select the amount to bet for each coin you want to play (coin value).
  • Tap/click on Deal.
  • Select the cards you want to hold for that hand. Tapping/clicking on them will hold the card, tapping/clicking again will release it.
  • Tap/click on Draw.

Hand Ranks


Please refer to the pay table displayed in the game. Payouts increase when you increase your bet per hand.

The payout to the player is calculated multiplying the value on the active paytable by the value of the game denomination (bet value).

For example if you play with 4 coins at a denomination of $5.00 and you win a Full House you’ll be paid $160.00 (36*5).