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Gaming doesn’t just have a history in America and Europe. 

The love of risk and reward goes all the way to India, and comes in the form of games like Teen Patti Rapid, one of the original card games that let you “bluff.”

Teen Patti is 52 cards ranking from ace (high) down to two (low) – like poker. You’re dealt three cards, and those three cards need to match up to the payout table. Which offers wins for grabbing a Pair (2:1) all the way up to a Straight Flush (50:1).

Make bank on a variation of poker from the other side of the world. Give Teen Patti a try.

Teen Patti Rapid Bovada

Betting Areas

Keep it simple with just one betting area

Bet Placement

Bet as you like; drag and drop chips, or tap directly on betting areas


Place the same bets in a new round as you placed the last round

Re-bet x2

Double your bet at the start of a new round. Just make sure it’s under the maximum bet

Swipe up for full screen

Swipe up on mobile and tablet to view the game in full screen mode

Additional Info

  • 1 Deck
  • Minimum/Maximum Main Bet: $1/$500

Teen Patti Rapid and Teen Patti Pro

If you’re wondering what is Teen Patti, you’re not alone. This game has recently taken the internet by storm, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not a new casino game, but new to Bovada’s online casino. Teen Patti has been popular in India for ages and also goes by the names of Flash or Flush. It originates from the English card game Three-Card Brag, which is influenced by poker. In Three-Card Brag, players are dealt three cards each and then get a chance to bet based on the strength of their hand. Whoever has the highest poker hand at the end of the casino round wins the real money prize. 

Depending on which of these online casino games you play, Teen Patti will either set up figurative opponents, like Brag, or have you play solo. With Teen Patti Rapid, you play alone, so you don’t need to beat someone in order to win. Instead, you have a goal of landing a Pair or better in your three-card hand. It’s as easy as putting down a wager, getting dealt a hand, and should that hand comprise a Pair or above, you win. Your only online casino play decision is how much to bet when you play. The real money payout you win depends on your play hand.

Teen Patti Rapid Payouts

  • Pair 2:1
  • Flush 5:1
  • Straight 6:1
  • Three of a Kind 30:1
  • Straight Flush 50:1

Teen Patti Pro is a step up from Teen Patti Rapid in terms of casino play complexity, but it’s still a simple casino game. Out of the two online casino games, this one has two opposing sides: the Player and casino Dealer—much like in Baccarat. Between them is a betting square for the Split. The players’ job is to simply bet on who the players think will be dealt a stronger poker hand, or if players think both sides will tie, go for the Split. The odds of both sides winning are completely equal, so it’s similar to a coin flip, which is why the casino game is so popular. If players guess correctly, players win a real money payout according to the casino paytable. The Player and casino Dealer bets pay 1.9:1, and the Split pays 865:1. Keep in mind, with three-card poker, Straights are stronger than Flushes, and this is the case with Teen Patti too. The poker rankings are as follows, listed below from strongest to weakest:

  • Straight Flush: Ex. 4s,5s,6s
  • Three of a Kind: Ex. 7s,7h,7c
  • Straight: Ex. 9s,10h,Jd
  • Flush: Qh,4h,2h
  • Pair: 8s,8h,Jd
  • High Card: As,7c,Qd

Only the online “Pro” version of Teen Patti includes side bets. At the start of the online casino round, you can bet on what play hand you think the casino Dealer and Player will be dealt for a chance to win extra cash. How much real money cash depends on the play hand you predict; if you correctly predict a Pair, you’re paid 5.65:1. A Flush pays 18.5:1, a Straight pays 30:1, Three of a Kind pays 405:1, and a Straight Flush, the toughest casino hand you can possibly land, pays 440:1.