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Lucky Wheel | Bovada

You go into any casino, online or off, and standard Roulette is a game on the menu. But now, there’s a faster, simpler and easier way to play the classic game: Lucky Wheel – a new spin on Roulette!

Lucky Wheel is Roulette for the gamer on the go. With a colorful design and interactive screen the game lets you place your bets and move fast whether you’re on your desktop or on your mobile device. Bet big, play fast and make your mark.

Lucky Wheel Bovada

Betting Areas

10 betting areas to choose from.

Bet Placement

Drag and drop chips, or tap on betting areas to place bets.

Re-Bet Button

Start a new round with the same bet amounts as the round just completed.

Re-Bet x2 Button

Double your bet at the start of a new round. Just make sure it’s under the maximum bet.

Swipe Up for Full Screen

Swipe up in mobile and tablet to view the game in full screen mode.

Lucky Wheel

With the addition of this new online casino game, Lucky Wheel, Roulette is no longer the only casino game with a wheel in our online casino. The wheel in Lucky Wheel is much more basic than Roulette, making it ideal for casino beginners, or those who just want a quick thrill with the potential to win a little bit more than what’s possible with Roulette.

How does Lucky Wheel Work?

When you play Lucky Wheel online at Bovada Casino, there’s no betting layout like there is with Roulette and there are far fewer betting options. On this colorful wheel, you’ll see numbers 0 to 9 on the wheel’s slots, and four multipliers that spin in the center of the wheel. Simply drag and drop chips on the number(s) of your choice, and give it a whirl. If your number is the winner, you win a real money payout that’s based on the final multiplier, which ranges from 1X to 4X.

These new table games are easier to play than our standard ones, so they’re a great starting point for people who’ve never played table games before or who are new to the casino world as well. You can easily squeeze in a round of any of them without having to commit to learning complicated rules or optimal strategy. Just hop on when you’re feeling lucky and see if it translates to real money wins.

They also provide players with an opportunity to see what kind of games are popular in other parts of the world. Our classic suite of online table games are all European-focused, but the reality is, there are a wide variety of casino table games played all over the world. Give them a try today to see how easy it is to play online table games in India.