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Love to play poker, but don’t have time to play a whole game? Learn how to play Caribbean Stud Poker with Bovada and see if you can grab the Progressive Jackpot. Caribbean Stud shares a Progressive Jackpot with Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker, allowing the jackpot to accumulate quickly.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, you play against the Dealer for the best five-card hand. Place your ante, get your hand, and check out the Dealer’s single face-up card to choose whether to bet against the Dealer or not.

Caribbean Stud Poker Bovada

How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

If you think you have the better hand, raise by placing a bet that is double your ante. If you don’t think you can beat the Dealer, fold. If you do, you forfeit your ante. To win, you must beat the Dealer’s hand and the Dealer must qualify with a hand that has an ace and a king or better. If the Dealer does not qualify, you are paid 1 to 1 on your ante and your raise is returned to you as a push. If your hand beats the Dealer’s and the Dealer qualifies, you’re paid on the ante and your raise. The payoff of the ante is 1 to 1. The payout on your bet will be determined by the quality of your hand. If the Dealer beats your hand, you lose your ante and your bet. If you and the Dealer have the same hand, the next highest card decides who wins.


  • Click on a chip to place a bet.
  • Additional clicks on the chip interface will add to the wager.
  • To remove a bet, click on the chip in the betting circle.
  • Minimum amount to bet is $1 while the maximum is $500.

Win or Lose

You win if:

  • You raise and the Dealer doesn’t qualify.
  • You have a higher five-card hand and the Dealer has at least an ace/king on a raise.
  • You place $1 in the jackpot slot and have a flush or higher.

You lose if:

  • You fold.
  • The Dealer qualifies and has a higher five-card hand.

Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot is a side bet that allows the Player to share in a jackpot, regardless of the Dealer qualifying or not. The payout depends on the rank of the hand. To play for the Progressive Jackpot, click on the Progressive coin slot on the right before clicking Deal. The coin slot lights up when you place a progressive bet. To remove your bet, click on the coin slot again.

For example, if you receive a flush but the Dealer does not qualify, you would only receive a 1 to 1 payout on your ante, not 5 to 1. If you play the Progressive Jackpot, you would win $75 regardless of the size of your bet, and regardless of whether the Dealer qualified or not. If the Dealer did qualify and you had a better hand, you would win both bets.

There are only five hands that qualify for the Progressive Jackpot:

  • Flush – Any five cards of one suit.
  • Full house – 3 of a kind with a pair.
  • 4 of a kind – Any hand of four like cards.
  • Straight flush – Five consecutive cards of the same suit in a row.
  • Royal flush – 10, jack, queen, king, ace of the same suit.

Caribbean Stud Poker Hand Name and Payout Table

Caribbean Stud Poker Hand Rank Table

Card Values and Payout Amounts
Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

Button Descriptions

  • Deal – Used to start the game after you have placed your bet.
  • Raise – Used to make an additional bet that is twice the ante.
  • Fold – Used to forfeit the ante and end the game.

The Basics of Caribbean Stud Poker

The Basics of Caribbean Stud Poker

Poker has been around for a couple of centuries and it is currently being played by millions of casino enthusiasts worldwide. One of the more popular variations of the game at Bovada’s online casino is Caribbean Stud Poker. If you haven’t tried your hand at it yet – today is your lucky day…

Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular game that’s similar to five-card poker. What makes this game stand out from the crowd is because unlike many other variations of poker, Caribbean Stud is played against the house – not other players.

With no deception and no bluffing, Caribbean Stud is a fairly straightforward game that pits you against the dealer.


You start off by making a bet, which is called the ante in online Caribbean stud poker. You also have the option to make a separate progressive bet, which is essentially betting on a jackpot. If certain hands turn up – such as a flush, four-of-a-kind, a full house and/or a royal flush – you can cash-in big time but only if you’ve invested into that progressive bet.

Dealing and evaluating cards

The player and the dealer will each receive five cards with the player’s cards all facing down while the dealer has four of their five cards facing down and one turned up. Then you’re able to look at your cards to see whether or not you have a legitimate winning poker hand.

After evaluating your cards, then you make a decision whether to bet more and keep playing or to fold.

Play Pairs

One of the tips that many Caribbean stud poker players will tell you is to play any pair you get: that’s right, any pair – regardless of value. On the flip side, it’s advised that you fold any hand where you have less than an ace-king. If you fold, you are out on the ante bet and if you have laid a progressive wager, that is gone as well.

Ante Bet and Payouts

If you plan to play your hand, you have to make another bet, which is double the amount that you placed on the ante bet. For example, if you bet $5 on the ante bet, your next bet has to be $10. When all players at your table have decided whether they are going to play or fold, the dealer reveals their hand. If the dealer does not have an ace-king, they will fold and the hand is finished. Players still playing Caribbean stud poker will receive even odds on their ante bet but the second bet they made is simply given back to them with no additional winnings.

The dealer has to play his hand if there is at least an ace-king or better, and if your hand beats the dealer’s, you get even odds on the ante bet. But for the secondary bet, you receive 2/1 odds for a pair and it can go all the way up to 100/1 for a royal flush.

Those are just the basic rules for online Caribbean stud poker and with a few hands, you will figure out more complex strategies to get the better of the house.