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Tribo Bingo | Bovada

Palm trees, grass skirts, and beach huts await in this 31-ball bingo game. Play with up to four cards simultaneously; each one gives you 15 random numbers, and if you don’t like the numbers you’ve been given, switch them up with the handy Change Cards feature. Another handy feature is the Extra Ball option. You can buy up to 12 extra bingo balls any time you’re one number short of a payout – or even one number short of triggering the bonus round, which involves shooting arrows at targets for cash. This isn’t your typical bingo.

How to play Tribo Bingo

  1. Select the number of cards you want to play and the coin value associated with each card.
  2. Thirty-one random balls will be released.
  3. Click “Yes” to buy additional balls or “No” to end the round.

Special Features

Extra Ball

  • Up to 12 extra balls can be purchased when a winning combination is short one number.


  • A bonus round lets you shoot arrows at targets for a chance to win cash prizes.