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For a classic Chinese dice game, try your hand at Roll the Dice, otherwise known as Hoo Hey How and Fish-Prawn-Crab. The game screen consists of seven betting squares that each contain an animation; there’s a fish, prawn, crab, coin, rooster, calabash and a triple (three dice). Simply bet on the squares you like and roll the dice. If your selections show up on any of the three dice, you get paid. If you bet the triple and land three matching icons, you get the big bucks: a 30:1 payday.


  • 1:1 for one matching symbol
  • 2:1 for two matching symbols
  • 3:1 for three matching symbols
  • 30:1 for any triple


  • Play: Starts the action by placing the dice under the bowl.
  • Roll: Rolls the dice by shaking or tapping the bowl.
  • Undo: Undoes the last bet.
  • Clear: Clears all bets.
  • Re-Bet: Replicates the wagers from the previous round.
  • Menu: Gives access to deposit funds, paytable, rules, sound and music.