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Pirate’s Pillage | Bovada

Ahoy there, matey, let’s set sail for the seven seas. There’s plenty of booty and riches just waiting to be pillaged! Oh yes, all you landlubbers, there’s treasures aplenty in Pirate’s Pillage, a scratch-and-win game that’ll have you scouring the bottom of Davey Jones’ locker! Arr, you’ll be trying your luck and scratching to win all the plunder the high seas have to offer – with symbols including Rum Bottles, Spy Glasses, Compasses, Coins, Chalices, and Golden Bars. So, raise your sails, check the rigging and say, ‘aye aye, captain’ as you launch into an epic adventure with Pirate’s Pillage.

How to Play Pirate’s Pillage

  1. Select your bet size using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “New Card.”
  3. Scratch the card to reveal the hidden symbols, or simply select “Reveal” to reveal all the hidden symbols on the card.

Additional Information

    • The player cannot start a new card until they have revealed enough symbols to show that their card has won or lost.
    • Symbols may need to be scratched completely for the “New Card” button to become active.
    • If the “New Card” button does not become active, the player should select the “Reveal” button to reveal the entire card.