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Play bingo under the sea with Pesca Bingo. You get up to four bingo cards per round, and 12 unique winning patterns with the top pattern paying $15,000 when you stake $10 a card. You can also cash in on extra prizes through a bonus round that’ll take you on a fishing trip. Reel in those fish for a hefty coin payout. To boost your chances of success, enjoy an Extra Balls feature that lets you buy up to 13 additional balls. With so many chances to win, you’d better warm up your vocal chords and get ready to yell “Bingo!”

How to Play Pesca Bingo

  1. Select the number of cards you want to play and the coin value associated with each card.
  2. Thirty random balls will be released.
  3. Click “Yes” to buy additional balls or “No” to end the round.

Game Rules

The “Play” button starts the bingo game at normal speed. “Turbo” triggers rapid ball draw.

In all game modes 30 bingo balls are drawn to begin with. Your cards will automatically have the matching numbers highlighted in red. There are 12 possible winning combinations per card. Each winning pattern and the current corresponding winnings are displayed above the balls drawn in the the game. Complete winning patterns are marked in green on your cards. For winning patterns that are only on number short of completion, the missing number is highlighted in yellow.

On any card, only the highest value win is paid when a pattern is overlapped.

On entering Pesca Bingo select the amount of coins you wish to bet in the game. The amount that is available for you to play with is visible at the top of the screen. Increase or decrease your bet by clicking on the + and/or – signs.

By default all bingo cards are activated. This setting can be changed on the Cards clicking On or Off accordingly. The more bingo cards being played, the higher the win chances are. You can play either 1 or up to 4 cards.

If necessary you can change the winning numbers on the cards before the game. Click on “Change Cards”  and All the cards will change randomly. You can change the cards as often as you like before the game.


These values are multiplied by the bet level.

Extra Ball Rules

After the regular ball draw, you have the option of purchasing up to 13 extra balls. Clicking “Yes” buys you one extra bingo ball at the cost displayed. The cost depends on the current odds of winning. If the odds of winning increase, the cost for the Extra Ball also increases. If you do not want to draw any new balls simply click on “No” to end the current round and transfer your round winnings to your account. You can then start a new game.

Bonus Game

If you manage to get the Bonus pattern on one of your cards, you get through to the Fishing Bonus.

Fishing Bonus

Click and pick the fishes until you match 3 values.