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Itchin’ 2 Win | Bovada

Your grubby old neighbor, squatting in his grimy apartment, has a nasty itch that he just can’t seem to scratch and requires your expert assistance in this scratch-and-win slot game. Normally, you wouldn’t agree, but the man is desperate and quite rich, so if you scratch his sweet spot there’s a good chance he might just reward you with a pretty penny for your efforts (just make sure to wear gloves!). With dynamic hidden symbols and big wins, Itchin’ 2 Win is great to play over and over again, showing that you’ve barely scratched the surface of the potential winnings your itchy old friend has in store for you.

How to Play Itchin’ 2 Win

  1. Select your bet size using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “New Card.”
  3. Scratch the man to reveal the hidden symbols, or simply select “Reveal” to reveal all the hidden symbols on the card.
  4. Counters will appear on the screen to keep track of how many symbols have been scratched. Find at least three symbols of the same value to win!

Additional Information

  • The player cannot start a new card until they have revealed enough symbols to show that their card has won or lost.
  • Symbols may need to be scratched completely for the “New Card” button to become active.
  • If the “New Card” button does not become active, the player should select the “Reveal” button to reveal the entire card.