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European Bingo | Bovada

Otherwise referred to as 90 Ball Bingo, this take on the classic beloved game of Bingo has been making the rounds for decades. It’s especially popular in Europe and offers a simple yet pleasurable experience, which goes down like a fine European vintage. It’s blissfully easy to follow the numbers as they’re called out and you can track your progress as well. All you really need to worry about is whether fortune is going to favor you with the big win as you watch the 27 blank spaces on your card fill up.

How To Play European Bingo

  • Select the number of cards played.
  • Select the number of balls called.
  • Select the coin value associated with each card.
  • You’ll see your total bet at the bottom of the game screen.
  • Select “Buy New Cards” to complete your purchase and begin playing.

Additional Information

  • This game features automatic card ordering where the card with the highest wins (or best chance of winning) is put at the front page of your set of cards.
  • The colored borders indicate how close you are to a win.