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Bingo Cataratas isn’t your typical bingo. Take advantage of two unique bonus features that improve your odds of winning. First, embrace the “Extra Ball” option by requesting another ball when you’re missing one number at the end of a round. We all want to win, so now you get another chance when you’re close. The second feature is a bonus round that will have you spinning a wheel of fortune beside a lucky waterfall. Each slot on the wheel has a unique value that will boost your bankroll, so spin carefully and you could end up with a flood of coins.

How to Play Bingo Cataratas

  1. Select the number of cards played and the coin value associated with each card.
  2. Thirty-one random balls will be released.

Special Features

Extra Ball

  • After the regular draw, up to 12 extra balls can be purchased.


  • If you manage to get the Bonus pattern on one of your cards, you get through to the Luck Wheel Bonus.