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Mindy Lawton Vanity Fair Interview

Mindy Lawton Vanity Fair Interview

Tiger Woods was missing for four months because of the affairs that he had. One of the women that Tiger slept with said that his agent and a few others knew what was going on before the press knew about it. When all of it was out and released to the public Tiger Woods had to stay 45 days in a clinic for rehabilitation so he could hopefully overcome his sex addiction. There are mixed reports about how he acted while he was in the clinic. A couple of the women said that he just didn’t seem to care enough when he was there, while others said they noticed that he was making a lot of progress.

When his fans and the public learned about the affairs it caused major problems for him and he said that he was the only one that knew about them. He’s the one who did everything and was the only one that knew exactly what was taking place. If more people knew about the things that was going on he feels that they would have stopped him or either tried doing so at least he hopes they would have.

Right now many are not sure what to think about all of these affairs. He is losing support from fans because they are taking his picture off their blogs and websites. Is this just another one of his cover ups and lies? People talk and when you know something like this it would be hard trying to confront and stop the person. More so if that person is Tiger Woods because of how popular he is. Which one should we believe – Someone that he had an affair with or him? I am not sure which one to trust at this point but maybe you do.


Mindy Lawton Vanity Fair Interview Tiger Woods Mistriss Affair