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Lauren Conrad Hot and Sexy

Kyle Howard and Lauren Conrad's Relationship
Still Going Strong

Kyle Howard and Lauren Conrad Spotted at L.A.'s Trousdale Lounge.

Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard were seen kissing and cuddling at L.A.'s Trousdale Lounge on Wednesday night and it seems the couple are still going strong. According to People Magazine, the duo were talking to others and mingling but really only had eyes for each other and spent much of the night kissing and holding hands.

The couple have been dating since 2008 and do not show any signs of slowing down yet. Now that Lauren Conrad is not filming for The Hills almost every day she has a lot more freedom to just focus on her writing career and her fashion line and she does not have to schedule her life around a film crew.


Best known for his role in the TV series, My Boys, Kyle Howard has been acting for many years. He was born April 13 1978 in Loveland Colorado and when he moved out to L.A he landed roles in television and movies including The Love Boat: The Next Wave and Grosse Point.

There is still no word on whether Lauren Conrad or even Kyle Howard will make an appearance on the final season of The Hills. This is the show that thrust Lauren in to the spotlight and that she left one season ago. She seems to prefer being behind the camera these days and out of the spotlight, but fans can hope she comes back for one last time.

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