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Jamie Jungers: Tiger Woods Never Tipped Waitstaff When We Were Together

Jamie Jungers: Tiger Woods Never Tipped Waitstaff When We Were Together

Jamie Jungers is mistress of all mistresses - according to Howard Stern, at least.

The, cough, aspiring model, along with fellow Tiger Woods gals Loredana Jolie Ferriolo and Jaimee Grubbs, competed for $75K and a black diamond ring at Stern's "Mistress Pageant" on Wednesday morning, and the shock jock ultimately deemed Jungers the winner.

Perhaps it was her Oscar-worthy sob story - instead of dishing on the nitty-gritty like the other ladies ("He should envy a 9-iron," Grubbs laughed), Jungers choked back tears as she said, "I loved him. … I did," while insisting it "wasn't about the money."

In fact, the blond bombshell shared some interesting facts about the golfer and his green: Not only did Woods fly her coach when she was going to visit him, but he also never tipped waitstaff.

"It embarrassed me," she sighed. "He always expected things to be complimentary."

But the 27-year-old won't have to worry about her, er, companions being short on cash now: An overwhelmed Jungers burst into tears of joy when she was awarded the hefty prize.

"Now I can actually help my family move, so thank you," she said between sobs. "And of course [I want to thank] God."

The other Jamie(e), Miss Grubbs, was less than thrilled when it was announced she came in second, although she took home a check for a cool $15K. The former cocktail waitress left immediately after the pageant ended, saying she had a "prior committment," and refused to stay for a subsequent press conference.

"She looked pretty upset when she didn't win," an audience member notes. "She said, 'After this, I'm done.' And she distanced herself from the other two during the show. She kept saying that her situation was different because she didn't know that Woods was married.

"She also made a jab at the other women when she said that she didn't go to Tiger, Tiger came to her."

Her cattiness wasn't lost on Jungers. Said the winning "mistress": "I thought we'd at least be friendly with each other after we met, but she made me really uncomfortable."


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