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Carrie Prejean - Miss California - Topless Photos

Carrie Prejean - Miss California - Topless Photos

Website The Dirty.com got their grubby, ick-stained hands on a topless photo of Miss California Carrie Prejean, and now Miss Prejean, who is evidently ashamed of having a topless photo published on the internet, is in full damage control mode.

“I am a Christian, and I am a model,” she said in a statement. “Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos.” Prejean went on to proclaim that sites like the The Dirty are only trying to smear her and ruin her reputation for saying gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

Well, maybe…I frankly don’t know. I just want more pictures. Carrie would do well to just shut her mouth and show her boobs. Nobody really cares that she calls herself a “Christian.” So does Miley Cyrus, and she’s as shameless as they come.


Carrie Prejean is a beauty pageant contestant and model from Vista, California, is Miss California USA 2009, and placed first runner up in the Miss USA 2009 pageant. She gained nationwide attention over her answer to a question about same-sex marriage.

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